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  • September 2021 High Holiday News, Member Profile - Cat Eskin, Update on Temple Repairs, and more!



  • The Menorah December 2021 This is our Chanukah issue filled with some history and a look at celebrations from the past. We've also included Donation Acknowledgements, Bar Mitzvah News, and more! So read on and enjoy!


  • Thank you to all the contributors to the June issue of our quarterly newsletter, The Menorah. It is filled with several interesting articles and lots of good news. Read about our recent graduates, a profile written by Harris Estroff, and a great look back with an article by Cat Eskin....among other things! Sit back and enjoy!

    Irma Cole, Editor June 2021


  • Click here: March 2021 In this issue read we feature a profile of Temple member Tammy Serebrin and information about our sanctuary repairs, Passover Seders, and more! So grab a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and sit back and enjoy!



  • December 2020 In this issue we pay respect to our dear friend Althea Miller, and introduce you to Sheri Hewson in our Profile column. We hope you also enjoy reading about the Rapkes Southeast Asian trip. There is a page full of Good News submitted by Temple Emanuel members too. Lots more of course, so sit back, read, and enjoy!


  • September 2020¬† In this issue we welcome new members and old friends to Temple Emanuel. Read articles about Marilyn Signer and Joan Greenbaum too. Learn about some exciting events coming up and see the High Holiday Schedule for our Zoom services.


  • June 2020 This edition of The Menorah¬†features articles honoring Jerry Rabin and our 2020 graduates. Read profiles of Ada, Bill and Edie, and hear from members about their lives during Covid-19. All great reads so enjoy!


  • Click here for our latest issue of The Menorah:¬† March 2020 We hope you will enjoy reading the profile on Mavra and an article about Marc and Stephanie's trip to China. Get caught up with what is going on with all our online substitutions for in person events as we make our way though this Covid crisis. Stay safe everyone!  



  • December 2019 Please enjoy this issue of The Menorah and let us know what your liked or would like to see in future issues. Thanks!


  • Menorah March 2019 This is a 24 page issue packed with interesting articles, news, and information about several upcoming events. Click on the link and enjoy reading! Let us know what you think and what you would like to see in the next issue which will be out in June. Contact  








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