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We have many opportunities to fulfill the important mitzvah of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). Join us in:

  • Visiting the Sick
  • Attending Minyan
  • Helping to make membership phone calls
  • Being a greeter during Shabbat, holidays and other community events
  • Volunteering in the Temple Emanuel Gift Shop
  • Assisting in the Office
  • Fundraising
  • Program Planning
  • Marketing

Temple Emanuel Committees

Archives – Responsible to acquire, organize, and maintain the historical records of Temple Emanuel. Cat Eskin, Chair

Budget and Finance – Prepares the annual budget for the temple. Gary Rabin, Chair

Building and Grounds – Responsible for the physical maintenance of the Temple buildings and grounds. Harris Estroff, Chair

Catering and Rental / B’nai Mitzvot Advisory Committee – Oversees the rental and use of Temple facilities for social, religious or organization activities. Provides direction to B’nai Mitzvot parents on the rules and guidelines for use of the Temple kitchen. Tammy Serebrin & Lizandra Izsak, Co-Chair

Cemetery Committee – Responsible for the sale of plots and proper maintenance of the cemetery grounds. Marvin Odro, Chair

Charity Drives – Co-ordinates the donation drives to local charitable causes.

Community Social Action – Coordinates Temple involvement in community events and local community outreach programs that impact humanitarian and social needs.

Congregant Outreach – Helps congregants to feel welcomed, engaged and appreciated, and coordinates assistance and support in both times of need and times of joy.

Development, Bequests & Investment – Responsible for exploring avenues to provide a continued long-term financial security for the temple through means other than collection of membership dues. Michael Riskin, Chair

Dues Adjustment – Reviews and considers all member requests for dues alterations. Mark Scolnick & Marvin Odro, Co-Chair

Executive Committee – Consists of all elected officers of the Temple, and Immediate Past President – Discuss matters related to the operation of Temple Emanuel, and make recommendations for Board consideration. Shelley Robinson, Chair

Fundraiser – Plans, and coordinates the annual “Live Artfully” fundraiser for the Temple. Jodie Snyder, Chair

Fundraising – Responsible for planning our smaller fundraisers such as Honey Sale and Chanukah Sale.

Honorial and Memorial – Encourages the remembrance of the departed and the honoring of the living through the named dedication of various tangible permanent items at the Temple. Harris Estroff, Chair

Marketing – The Marketing Committee strives to make Temple Emanuel visible to members and the community in fresh and informative ways via Facebook, our website, press releases, information cards etc. Irma Cole, Chair

Membership – The membership committee is responsible for welcoming, integrating and retaining members. We help create connections and a community spirit through the congregation. Tammy Serebrin & Heidi Sichelman, Co-Chair

Programming – Organizes cultural, educational and social events for the Temple.

Religious School – In conjunction with the Rabbi plans the curriculum and administers the activities of the religious school.

Ritual – In conjunction with the Rabbi plans religious services including Shabbat, Festival and High Holy Days. Jordan Eckert & Amy Blocher, Co-chair

Social Events (Young Families) – Responsible for planning and organizing activities of interest to our younger families. Jodie Snyder & Heidi Sichelman, Co-Chair

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